National Cycle Plexifairing III -- by Dean U

This modification focuses on the addition of a National Cycle Plexifairing III windshield to the Nighthawk 750. The shield made my daily commute much more quiet and pleasant. I started out with a Plexistar II, but wanted the extra several height inches of the III and the lowers to keep the knees warmer. Both are very high quality and include quick action mounting system that allows you to remove the shield without tools in a minute or so. You should follow the manufacturer's instructions for mounting, these photos simply show how mine is mounted. You may use them as a guide for spacing, mount locations, angles, and shield postion; but you'll probably need some experimentation with the angle and height adjustments to suit your body size or preferences. Even though NationalCycle has a rubber gasket mounted in the headlight cutout, I left a gap between my headlight and the bottom of the shield for airflow. I thought about removing this gasket for looks, and may do so the next time I have the shield off the bike. This airflow reduces suction (back-pressure) behind the shield and cuts dramatically on buffeting and reverse air currents.

Air gap above headlight:
Upper brackets mounted and angled:
Lower support mounted and angled:
Relationship between my "lowers" and my forks:

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